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These are the top 5 free bets calculators from a variety of providers, for real bookies to comparison sites and stand alone providers. If you’re looking for a betting calculator to price up your winnings, then you have a number of options open to you. Betting calculators are useful more for working out complicated multiples like accas, a heinz or lucky 15s. Single bets should be quite easy to price, but you can still work those out on these free bet calculators.

These tools come into their own when you’re reliant on various scenarios affecting you winnings, like e/w based multiples that pay out on places. When you build your betting slip with your chosen online bookie, the calculated winnings at the time of placing the bet are based on selection winning. If you have backed up your bet with some e/w money, you’ll be able to tell what that outcome looks like using any of the following.

Ladbrokes betting calculator

First up you have the Ladbrokes betting calculator, also known as Ladbrokes free bet calculator, which we’ve been aware of for well over 10 years now. You can tell it’s old because of the design and the fact that its built in a code called Flash, which doesn’t work on Apple devices and the majority of Android handheld devices. But it’s obviously still in use, as Ladbrokes haven’t updated it or felt the need to change it in the 10 years that I’ve used it.

In terms of use its very easy to navigate, that’s the main reason for loyally returning to it when you need to calculate the permutations of a multiple. If you’re an average gambler who focuses on singles, doubles, accas and maybe the odd lucky 15 or lucky 31, then this free bet calculator would be useful to you – but remember you’ll probably only be able to access this on a windows desktop device that supports Flash.


These guys have built the best free bets calculator tool in our humble opinion. It’s a little bit more complicated if you’re new to the page, but that’s only because they cover pretty much any bet that you might have a need to calculate. The buttons make the whole process simple and easy to navigate and the fact they cover a wide range of betting types really does make this one of the most versatile bet calculators around.

You navigate through the different bets like a step by step journey, select your bet type move down to the next section, check the buttons that apply to your bet, move down to the next section and so on.


Oddschecker betting calculator

Oddschecker have thrown together a tool which in my opinion looks overly complicated and if you’re new to the concept it’s likely to put you off within the 8 seconds that most users take to decide whether a web page is for them or not. My immediate reaction was to hit the back button and find a calculator with some buttons that was more aesthetically pleasing.

The whole table design is aimed at those who place longer than average multiples with the default view allowing for 10 selections from the off. Even when you select smaller bet types like a single for example, the tool remains with the 10 rows available to add information. Its clearly a useful tool, but could be better from a user experience perspective.


888Sport betting calculator

I really like the layout of the 888Sports’ free bet calculator. They have listed basic and complicated multiples within the sections that cover the amount of selections you need for that bet. For example they have included Patents and Trixies under the trebles columns (3 selections) and luck 15s under the four fold selections section.

They also include some detailed descriptions of bet types for those who need more information on each market. For example a trixie is a full cover multiple bet with 3 selections in different events. It is made up of 4 bets – 3 doubles and 1 treble. To get a return, a minimum of 2 selections must win. A Patent consists of seven bets on three selections in different events i.e 3 singles, 3 doubles and 1 treble. One or more selections must be successful to have a return.

A yankee has 4 selections from different events. It is made up of 11 bets – 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 accumulator. A minimum of two selections must win for you to receive a return. A lucky 15 is 15 bets over 4 selections – 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and 1 fourfold. One selection has to win for you to receive a return.


Paddy Power Bet Calculator

Probably the most sophisticated of selection is Paddy Power’s free bets calculator and you would expect nothing less from the powerhouse. It does however appear to be over-complicated, but that’s simply because they have everything covered. When you get into the mechanics of their bet calculator it’s really something sleek and spectacular and comes as my most recommended tool, coupled with the fact that you’re on their website at the same time, so you can actually place a bet while calculating the winnings makes the difference.

They also include a specific tab for football accas. Now you can work out any accumulator in their calculator, but this highlights the need to be specific with certain types of bet and providing an exact match shows Paddies are aware of their players needs.



There are lots of other protagonists and every hyphenated-dot-com-domain-version of free bets calculator exists with their own versions of betting calculating tools. The examples I’ve plucked out above seem to be enough in terms of a top 5. I can’t imagine you would need any other betting permutations outside of what these 5 provide and more often than not, the betting slip can offer you a calculation up front.

There are a couple of bet types, whereby the odds and outcome are based on external factors like number of runners in the race, eventual finishers etc. So these like circumstances like a forecast for example, can’t be calculated up front. That’s why you don’t these ‘cast’ based bets in the calculating softwares on offer. All other betting types are based on simple maths, the odds often as a decimal multiplied by your stake and then additional calculations based on type and how many lines or levels your bet has – much easier to work out when the calculating is fixed.

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