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I’m not going into details about the history of sports betting, I’ll tell you you what you need to know. You can bet on pretty much any televised sporting event these days and then those that aren’t. The main sporting events for betting are Football, Horse Racing & Tennis. These 3 are by far the most popular and summarise 3 different types on betting circumstance, football being a team based match event (others being rugby or cricket), tennis a player vs player scenario (others being darts or) and horse racing a race to the finishing line.

Within those 3 categories are an array of growing markets that seem to get more diverse with each year or with each new version of betting site offering. Sports betting online is far more varietous than your standard betting shop activity with punters opting for complicated multiples and a new era of manufactured bets from the different circumstances that can arise from an event. You can now request a bet from the top betting providers normally through their website or social channels.

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