VISA Bonus Deposit Codes

The online casino industry is always coming out with new ways to fund your account, but the most commonly used way of making deposits is with a VISA credit card. VISA is one of the most  accepted credit cards worldwide, and for those of you that are wanting to use your VISA card for the purposes of online gambling, rest assured that you will be able to find virtual casinos that accept this means of payment with ease. 

Why Online Casino VISA Cards Are Popular

Today, VISA is simply an intermediary between a bank and the customer. When these customers enter their credit card number in an online form, VISA will ask their local bank whether they have the necessary funds to complete the transaction. If the answer is yes, VISA will then approve the transaction. It is because of this global electronic payment gateway that VISA is so popular among players as a means of payment. 

Types of VISA Cards 

  1. VISA Gift Cards 

A VISA gift card is a type of prepaid casino card that cannot be refilled. This type of card already contains a specified amount of money that can be spent anywhere, but once this card has been emptied, it cannot be topped up again, by any means. VISA gift cards contain numbers, not names. 

  1. VISA Prepaid Cards 

VISA prepaid cards are a very popular type of casino card used in the online casino community. Unlike the VISA gift cards mentioned above, these cards come empty and will require a top-up with money. VISA prepaid cards can be refilled indefinitely. More so, they are not connected to any type of bank account, meaning that the card itself does not have a unique name. 

  1. VISA Debit Cards 

What sets VISA debit cards apart from VISA prepaid cards is the mere fact that debit cards are connected to a bank account. This type of card, therefore, has a name and is considered a personal payment method. 

  1. VISA Credit Cards 

Unlike VISA debit cards, VISA credit cards can be used even if your balance is empty, hence the term “credit” card. Generally speaking, with this type of VISA card, the bank is granting you a monthly loan that needs to be paid back at the end of every month. Almost every online casino account that you will come across will accept VISA as a means of payment. 

What Is a VISA Bonus Deposit Code? 

Online gambling platforms that accept VISA as a means of payment offer lots of bonuses. You can get bonuses for registering, playing a game, making a deposit, and even for losing money in the form of cashback bonuses. Occasionally, you may even come across an additional deposit bonus that is for VISA only. 

On the other hand, gambling platforms are notorious for promoting certain payment methods, for example, VISA, and therefore offer much higher match rates for deposits made by users that use VISA as their specific payment method. VISA bonus deposit codes form part of this marketing tactic, and very rarely, you may come across higher match bonus rates for depositing funds with a VISA card. 

How to Pick an Online Casino VISA Bonus Deposit Code 

There are numerous factors that one needs to examine and consider before even beginning to pick an online casino site. In terms of the online casino bonus deposit code that these online casinos usually offer players, here are some of the key features to pay attention to:

Matched Deposit 

The most popular type of VISA deposit bonus codes on offer are the ones that match your initial deposit up to a certain amount, normally by a percentage ranging between 50% and 200%. These big percentage numbers often distract players from the wagering requirements under such a bonus. As such, you should always check the number of times a bonus amount needs to be turned over before you can claim any bonus money. 

Free Spins

Free spins are a bonus offer that often accompanies another bonus element as an added incentive. Free spins do not generally yield any type of winnings, but if a player happens to be lucky, then they could provide a small initial bankroll for trying out the new online casino.  

Deposit or Spend X Amount to Receive X Amount 

In terms of capital return, these VISA deposit bonuses are most likely to provide the best odds, but the amounts offered are normally relatively small, and releasing these bonuses are said to be even more difficult than in matched deposit bonuses. Therefore, these are usually not the best VISA deposit bonuses to utilise, unless you only intend on depositing a minimal amount of money. 

Top Four Online Casino VISA Bonus Deposit Offers 

Signup and welcome casino bonuses can, at times, seem to be a bit of a minefield to navigate. Less reputable online casinos are often quick to flash enticing offers that eventually turn out to be unattainable in terms of enjoying the bonus funds. Even some of the more upfront and recognized online casino brands load up on extremely difficult wagering requirements, which means that most new customers are actually not getting the opportunity to enjoy their full bonuses anyways. 

When considering what online casino sites offer VISA bonus deposits that are attainable, among other features, the following four online gambling platforms are highlighted:

  • 888Sport Casino 
  • Betfred Casino 
  • MrGreen Casino 
  • William Hill Casino

Keep in mind, that there are always going to be terms and conditions that you are going to be required to adhere to when selecting a VISA deposit bonus. These offers are not free money, but if you are an honest player willing to put in the effort, then these bonuses will not be unattainable by any means. 

Get VISA Bonus Deposit Codes and Play Today!

Now that your choice regarding which online casino offers the best VISA bonus deposit codes has been tremendously simplified, it is recommended that you signup and create an account with one of the four online casinos mentioned above to start claiming your bonus cash.

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