Compare Betting Odds

Being a savvy punter means shopping around for value and, to do that, you need to be able to compare betting odds effectively.  Naturally the easiest way to compare betting odds is to load up two betting sites and read them next to each other for your chosen market.

If you want to see how the UK is holding up in terms of live prices, we recommend you use the Betfair betting exchange.  With an exchange you get prices that are both live and a reflection of the market trades, rather than a single human odds compiler working at a betting site deciding the odds themselves. The majority of odds compilers use an exchange like Betfair these days anyway. Betting exchanges are a handy way to compare betting odds but there are also other methods.

The price is right?

Oddschecker is the most famous website when it comes to being able to compare betting odds, they also have a number of apps for the more mobile experience.

They cover all betting markets and list around 30 betting sites to compare when you narrow your search down to a single market. The market movers is a useful tool. It includes steamers, where the odds are shortening indicating that bookies fear the outcome become more likely like a horse going from 10/1 in the morning to maybe 3/1 by mid-day would be considered a steamer.

Opposite to that you have drifters, which means an outcome is become less likely, again this often more attributed to horse racing a horse that perhaps started with good odds like 4/1 has now drifted out to 8/1. Oddschecker do offer steamers and drifters on other markets like football and tennis, but circumstances tend not to change that much in those markets so the movements tend to be smaller.

You can use Oddschecker however to see who is moving with their prices. So let’s say you see a horse steaming from 10/1 into 8/1 and then it goes to 5/1. You can use Oddschecker to compare the betting odds across all bookies, so Betvictor might still be sat at 8/1 when others have moved to 5/1. You’d then try and get on Betvictor before they go to 5/1 to get the better price.

Oddschecker alternatives

Naturally, with odds comparison tools you’re probably looking for the betting site offering the best price for you single bet. Its rare that you’d use one of these site for your betting selections.

Odds comparison sites do have to make money, so while they’re not taking actual bets themselves, you’ll notice a lot of advertising. By using a bookies and/or joining through Oddschecker for example, you may be helping them earn commission.

This is common practice, so don’t be put off using a betting site advertised by a site Oddschecker or any other site that helps you compare betting odds. Easyodds is a good Oddschecker alternative, with the added incentive of some pro tips thrown in. Odds comparison isn’t exactly groundbreaking stuff, so you can image Easyodds and Oddschecker share the same principles.

They offer odds comparing across near on 30 betting sites, with one notable difference. Sky Bet is missing from Easyodds tables down to the fact that they own Oddschecker and inconsiderately closed down all their affiliated advertising contracts with third-party website owners, with absolutely no notice.

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Ryan has previously worked for bookmakers like Betfair & Paddy Power, as well as working at Oddschecker, the odds comparison platform.

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