Betting Strategies

Numerous gamblers have used betting strategies as they try to come up with the best methods to win. This article discusses eight of them that you can try out to see if they work for you.


The Martingale is one of the most straightforward strategies that players use when they’re in a casino. It consists of doubling the bet once you lose once. After that, you’re supposed to continuously bet until you win.

This method’s principle is that you will, eventually, win. In other words, this approach dictates that the results of a bet can’t always be the same, which is why doubling your bet after a loss might prove convenient a few plays later.

The Labouchere

Unlike the previously mentioned approach, this is one of the most challenging ones to master. However, it’s still immensely popular due to its ability to bring you positive results, which is why you might be interested in getting to know it despite its difficulty.

The idea behind the Labouchere is that you can recover your losses with small wins. Therefore, you first have to determine how much you want to win by the end of the game and break it down into small numbers.

If you, for example, want to win 20 pounds, then you can choose four, five, four, three, and four. After doing this, your next stake should be the sum of the first and last number of the sequence. 

You complete a cycle after you win once, and if you lose, you must add that digit at the end of the sequence. Compared to other strategies, this one is highly effective.


The Fibonacci is very challenging compared to other methods, and it could be a way for you to maintain your earnings as you continue to play. However, the risks are high when you try out this approach, and you must keep that in mind if you’re choosing it to play.

Even though numerous casino gamblers have spoken wonders about using the Fibonacci sequence to make some earnings, the truth is that it’s very risky, and there is no limit to how much you can lose. Thus, it’s not many people’s favourite approach.

1-3-2-6 Strategy

The 1-3-2-6 method is a player-friendly approach that even beginners can try out. All you need to do is memorise the number sequence and get started.

Unlike the three previously mentioned methods, this one is a positive system progression group. It consists of the following:

  • You must choose a base unit, for example, five pounds
  • If you win, you must bet three times the amount you chose as your base unit (15 pounds)
  • Provided that you win again, you must bet twice the amount of your base unit (10 pounds)
  • Winning a third time means you should bet six times the amount of your base unit (30 pounds)
  • Whenever you lose, you must only stake your base unit

As you can see, you only increase your bet when you win when you’re using this method. If you lose, you should reduce how much you’re betting. This is a very straightforward approach to guarantee that you’re not risking too much with your bets!

Counting Cards

Even experts have used the counting cards method to win when they’re playing blackjack or poker. Therefore, it might be an ideal approach to try out if you enjoy these games.

Although the counting cards method has worked for numerous players, there are some considerations you need to keep in mind. First of all, every betting approach has its risks, and at some point, it might not give you the results you expect.

On the other hand, counting cards requires you to have a sharp memory since you have to keep a mental count of the cards drawn as the game progresses. Thus, slipping once might mean you lose your whole count and make the wrong decision.


With this system, you should be able to consistently earn small amounts. Although profits are minimal, you could turn them into something significant as you keep betting.

Parlay is a system that helps gamblers manage their bankroll, and this might be something immensely convenient for you. It consists of starting with a base bet. If you win, you should increase how much you’re betting, and if you lose, you must go back to your base unit.

In other words, suppose that you start by betting two pounds. Winning once means you should increase your bets to four pounds, maybe. If you lose after that, your bet should go back to two.

Flat Betting

Gamblers most commonly use flat betting when they play roulette. Therefore, if you enjoy this game, you might’ve heard of the method. 

Understanding the flat betting method is immensely straightforward. You should choose a base betting unit (preferably around two to five percent of your bankroll), and consistently bet that regardless of the outcome of your game.

If you’re playing roulette, for example, and you’re betting two pounds, you should keep betting that amount for the next 35 rounds.


One of the best things about the Pivot method is that it works regardless of whether you’re in an online casino or on-premises. However, playing online might not allow you to observe other gamblers going before you do, and this might be a disadvantage.

To use this method, you should choose a low betting unit and pay attention to the winning numbers that repeat twice. If you can’t remember them, you can write them down.

Once you spot the number that showed up two times, you must bet on that for the remaining rounds. Therefore, whilst playing roulette, your bet should be the same 35 times.


There are numerous betting strategies, but no specific one can guarantee that you’ll win every single time because playing casino games does not work like that.

However, trying out different methods might allow you to win sometimes, and this is essential to boost your confidence, feel better about your gambling, make some earnings, and have fun!

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