High Roller Bonus Deposit Codes

Are you a go big or go home type of player? If you are, you would be happy to know that it is players like you who have caught the attention of online casinos. In return for your courageousness, high roller bonuses have been specifically designed for those players that wager much larger sums of money than what conservative players offer. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a casino where you plan on gambling at very high stakes, then it will be in your best interest to find a high roller bonus deposit code that is worth your while. Often, these bonuses carry much lower wagering requirements and may even be more generous than your typical casino deposit bonus counterpart. 

What Is a High Roller Casino Bonus Deposit Code?

Simply put, a high roller casino bonus is a type of deposit bonus, welcome bonus, cashback promotion, or another benefit that is geared specifically towards high rollers. Typically speaking, because online casinos are fairly confident that high rollers are not bonus abusers looking to take advantage, these casinos will usually offer high roller casino bonuses that can be claimed at much larger amounts and with more generous terms and conditions than what is attached to a standard deposit bonus. 

With that being said, the only real distinction between high roller bonus deposit codes and conventional bonus deposit codes, apart from the more favourable terms and conditions found in high roller bonuses, is that it permits players to claim superior amounts of bonus money. 

Types of High Roller Bonus Deposit Codes 

Like any type of casino bonus, a high roller bonus comes in many forms, and what one casino offers may differ from what another casino offers. Described in-depth below are just some of the many different types of high roller bonus codes that you are likely to come across: 

Welcome Bonus or Deposit Bonus 

Arguably, a deposit bonus is one of the most common and popular type of bonus that you will find to be offered at online casinos. Almost every online gambling platform in the virtual world offers its users some kind of deposit bonus. A deposit bonus can be offered as part of a welcome package promotion for new members, or it can be a one-off promotion for already existing players. 

Generally, a matched deposit bonus is referred to when a deposit bonus is mentioned. Meaning that an online gambling platform will match your deposit, usually as a percentage and up to a maximum amount of money. Only once a player has made the matched deposit in their online casino account will the bonus funds be credited, and at that instant too. 

Even though each casino differs, it is a fairly common occurrence to come across a 100% no deposit bonus being offered at casinos worldwide. Some even offer 200%, 300%, 400%, and 500% casino bonus deposit codes, but unfortunately, most of these online casinos are located outside of the UK. 

When it comes to high roller casino deposit bonuses in particular, online gambling platforms enjoy enticing users into making grander deposits, for example, having to have a minimum deposit of at least 500 GBP to qualify for such bonuses. 

It is not difficult to see why these deposit bonuses are very popular among high rollers; however, it is always advised that you first read through and understand the full terms and conditions of any deposit bonus before you claim it. This will benefit you from potentially breaking any of the terms, which will most likely prevent you from being able to claim any winnings as a result. 

Benefits of Being a High Roller 

It is said that high rollers cater to a huge part of an online casino’s business, and it is no secret that these online gambling platforms love high rollers. It is for this reason that online casinos work so hard in trying to attract members that are high rollers, and these casinos typically must go above and beyond to be favoured over their competitors. 

In an attempt to achieve the above, these casinos will offer high rollers a handful of benefits, including special promotions and bonuses, freebies, VIP hosts, exclusive access to table games, and much more. 

Below discusses some of the main perks of being a high roller player:

VIP Manager and Program 

One of the primary things that high rollers notice is that they get VIP treatment, and the majority of casinos will enrol these players into its VIP scheme quickly. Often, this connects high rollers with a VIP manager, who is responsible for looking after them. High rollers will be granted their VIP manager’s phone number where they are able to contact them when they need help or any questions answered. 

Wagering Requirements Are Lower

One of the most frustrating things about the conventional bonuses offered at online casinos is that its wagering requirements usually end up being relatively high. When it comes to a high roller casino benefit, however, the online casinos are a lot more generous in terms of the wagering requirements that are set, and this is generally because you are already depositing so much more money to claim these bonuses. 

Higher Withdrawal Limits 

What’s better than depositing big? Withdrawing big! When you’re considered a high roller, it is in your nature to deposit and gamble with large sums of money. Therefore, online casinos will usually have agreements already in place that will allow these players to withdraw greater amounts of money as well. 

Where to Find the Best High Roller Bonus Deposit Codes 

Now that you are aquatinted with what these bonuses have to offer, you are probably wondering where you can find these high roller casino bonus promotions. Below is a list of some of the most favourited online casinos that have some of the best high roller bonus deposit codes on offer:

  • 888Sport Casino 
  • Betfred Casino
  • MrGreen Casino
  • William Hill Casino 

If you like the sound of any of the above-mentioned online casinos, then what are you waiting for? Head on over to the sign-up page, create an account, and start claiming your bonus money, just like that.

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