8 Football Betting Markets to Help You Increase Your Winning Chances

Football betting has come a long way in recent years, and thanks to the huge range of football betting markets now available punters are no longer restricted to just betting on a team to win or draw. There are a wide range of alternative football betting markets that bettors can enjoy, taking in goals, cards, […]

Exchange Betting Explained

A betting exchange is a platform for peer-to-peer gambling, meaning that the betting interaction takes place punter-to-punter and not punter-to-bookie. Essentially, bettors are placing their wagers against one another, rather than against a bookmaker. The best and most comprehensive betting exchange is Betfair, by some distance. Betfair now has two platforms: a sportsbook (punter-to-bookie) and […]

The Best Free Bet Calculators From UK Bookies

Sometimes things can get complicated when you’re trying to work out potential winnings, especially if you’re placing complex wagers or a bet for which you’d like to work out a number of different possible outcomes. That’s where a useful tool like a free bet calculator comes in extremely handy. For that reason, we’ve rounded up […]

Ante-Post Betting: What It Is and How It Works

Ante-post betting is a type of bet most commonly seen in horse and greyhound racing. It’s a pretty simple concept, but it contributes towards a number of broader topics and questions which we’ll delve into below. What is ante-post betting?What’s the point in ante-post betting?Do you get your money back if your horse is a […]