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  • The boosted bets are a great
  • The Sky Bet Club offers a regular tangible bonus
  • Easy to navigate & thorough football markets
  • Links with Sporting Life provide good racing insights
About Skybet

Sky Bet seemingly operate in tandem with the Sky Sports brand and generate a stream of publicity from a range of free apps and games. The desktop sportsbook is simple but well themed, if you use the sky sports website or watch sky sports channels, the identity is pretty seamless

The Sky Bet club is a little bit frustrating, I’ve had a personally indifferent experience, having been away for a few days I stopped depositing for a short while. It’s a great idea if you play every week, but having stopped playing for a matter of seven days I was automatically ‘Kicked Out’. To be told I would need to deposit £40 to get back in was a shock, I was put off straight away. If you’re not bothered about the offers and extras then Sky Bet is good platform.

6 Total Score
They're Good

Sky Bet are good, they are one of the best in the UK and have clearly built up a good reputation for themselves. Its just lacks the polish and we've come across slow processing, crashing apps & bad customer service. Not our favourite betting site, but clearly a well respected brand!

Offers & Bonus
In Play & Cashout
The Website
Mobile & Apps
Customer Service
  • The boosted bets are a great
  • The Sky Bet Club offers a regular tangible bonus
  • Easy to navigate & thorough football markets
  • Links with Sporting Life provide good racing insights
  • Their app often crashes around cashout time
  • Pro tips encourage risky betting
  • You can’t presently cashout on desktop
  • Website can be very slow compared to other recognised top brands
Bonus, Offers & Promo Codes

The signup offer is pretty decent, some cash in more cash out. Despite the fact that this is limited to just £20 when you deposit £5, they’re still one of very few brands to offer MORE than your initial deposit in a bonus without a string of conditions.

I’m not convinced by The Sky Bet club – it’s smoke and mirrors in my opinion. Most brands give you freebies here and there without having to commit to a top-up. I feel like I’m locked into a phone contract with this SkyBet club and when I eventually stop depositing they wanted MORE money off me to opt back into the scheme. Being part of a club sounds cool, but there’s an obvious commercial agenda here that the most savvy user should certainly see through! When I get a free bet I want it to be a surprise and perhaps for loyal service, not because I’ve paid in loads of money.

The price boosts are great if you’re betting on that market, but they can lure you into bets that you may not have normally entertained. However at least Sky Bet are brave enough to boost favourites and popular markets, where other bookies will often string together an impossible acca and promote that.

Inplay & Cashout

The in-play betting is standard for the industry, it really is hard to get this wrong. The markets are pretty much what you would expect from a top sportsbook provider but the cashout process is once again FRUSTRATING. While most brands offer this as standard, Sky Bet have over-complicated the process by limiting the system to app users only. So if you’re a desktop gambler like me (as I like to see all the details) you want to have all the functions of the website available to you, without having to switch onto other devices.

Once you’ve got the app the levels of information are somewhat overwhelming, the cashout process in my opinion is supposed to be a quick snap decision, lingering around evaluating all the info in the bet tracker is likely to hinder the experience! With that said, if you like stats and insights they have the best system available for those who prefer to ponder the cashout and analyses the details before making that final decision.

The Website

The website is nicely designed and looks every bit the slick system you’d expect from this huge organisation, apart from a crazy login form that appears to slide in from the right. It’s often slow and often unresponsive to my clicks, if you find yourself going deep into your account or into the support section, you can’t just exit out like any normal admin pop-up, you have find the back buttons and click that a few times to get back to the betting area.

Everything else is laid out neatly and markets are easy to find, the coupons are useful and they have clearly focused on delivering categories that are grouped by popular betting trends. I like the fact that you are not being advertised to – if you’re betting on sportsbook, you don’t see a hundred banners for casino and slots.

Mobile & App

Sky Bet are trying hard to be the best, but they’ve over complicated everything. The app and tracker are not my favourite tools to use when betting. It’s always been really slow, probably down to all the data they’re trying to force onto my device and whenever I try and do anything simple like withdraw or deposit, the button clicks are sometimes unresponsive until seconds later.

Cashout has gone down at some very opportune moments and its often involving popular matches… is it a coincidence? After all bookies are well aware of calculated liabilities on markets even when cashout is involved.

Customer Service

Guess what – our one experience of customer experience has been shocking! I hadn’t used the site for a long time and was seemingly locked out of playing – we’re talking a good few years here. I were clearly looking to place a bet and thought about joining up again, I had to go through a string of agents before they could find my old account… and time ticked down closer to the event that I wanted to bet on. Eventually they located the login details for an old account, they told me I could reactivate but had to wait 24 hours to cool off. I had not used the account for over two years according to login records, but needed a 24-hour cooling-off window! The agent assumed we had been self-excluded and proceeded to interrogate about a possible gambling addiction – not one bit impressed.

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